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VyaPay is a next-generation cloud-based Certified Payment Facilitation Gateway. 

We simplify the complexities of payment acceptance through a single unified interface or Application Program Interface (API). 

Our partners can take back control of their customer experience through our API for boarding and processing of digital payments including government-issued cards and purchase cards complete with tokenization, reoccurring billing and Payment Links.

Security is ensured through our PCI Level I-certified cloud data center.  Your clients are protected through our built-in fraud detection, chargeback management and 3D Secure 2.0 technology.

VyaPay Welcomes Strategic Partnerships

If you have a growing portfolio and influence on the decision-making of your base of clients or members, we are the partnership that you wish you had forged sooner.  Regardless of your industry and position, VyaPay welcomes strategic partnerships with entities ranging from ERP resellers to software developers, payment processing acquirers, professional associations, financial institutions, and beyond. 

Everyone in business thrives on accepting payments for their goods and services.  We streamline, accelerate, and simplify that process for you and your base.  We welcome you to allow us to be your latest strategic offering to grow business, enhance loyalty, and retain clients through our unique means of delivering client lifetime value. 

By becoming a trusted referral partner we can become an extension of your Chief Revenue Officer, your Chief Strategy Officer, your Product Marketing Management, and your Relationship Portfolio Management all at once. 

Our Strategic Referral Partnerships are designed to:

  • Instantly extend your value into fintech and digital payments
  • Enhance your brand
  • Create a new, growing revenue stream
  • Put you in control of your client relationships all while leveraging our proven strategy and expertise
  • Deliver true market differentiation
  • Leave the heavy lifting with VyaPay – all compliance, underwriting, risk, technology, operations, and support remain with your payments engine of choice
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We invite you to see how VyaPay can transform your market offering, delight your customers, and enhance your lifetime value. 

Let’s create enhanced client lifetime value together – today!