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Build Awesome Partnerships with VyaPay


In business and in life, effective partnerships are built on mutual respect and trust. No one likes being patronized. At VyaPay, partners are more than collaborators or team-builders; they are people who connect around a common goal. Studies have shown that individuals and enterprises with aligned values and interests can build community and get results.


This infographic by Rockwood Leadership Institute recommends taking the time to build a business relationship before embarking on a joint venture.


With these principles in mind, how would you approach a payments integration?


1. Build relationships first:

There’s nothing more frustrating for a technology provider than being treated like someone who doesn’t understand technology. This is especially true when adding payment processing to your software platform. Why would you consider adding anything generic to your robust and fully optimized platform?


Building your own processing solution takes time, resources and capital. Outsourcing takes due diligence and trust. Taking the time to get to know a service provider can open more doors as you explore your options. A partner that “gets you” will skip the nonsense talk while helping you expand your professional network and showing you how to leverage processing technology.



2. Partner outside the box:

Wouldn’t it be ideal to partner with a company that has already built a robust software platform and understands the ups and downs of working with other enterprises in the B2B space?


Rockwell Leadership Institute suggests seeking out partners that are interesting, even before you have a clear idea of how you might work together. Leading payments industry service providers and payment facilitators, like VyaPay, are successful because they have dared to step outside the status quo of their industries. For this reason, they tend to be more partner-oriented than transactional. While many of their discovery calls and open-ended discussions have led to major deals, they don’t approach every discussion by saying, “What’s in it for me?”



3. Use tools:

Partnership tools come in many shapes and forms. VyaPay has built an arsenal of purpose-driven resources designed to deliver seamless shopping cart integrations and ecommerce solutions. Like Rockwell Leadership’s recommended tools that accelerate collaboration, VyaPay solutions empower software companies by automating chargeback management and other labor-intensive tasks and freeing you to pursue more high-value activities.


Tools keep partners aligned and on track. Advanced automation, remote management and real-time reporting get everyone on the same page while heading off future problems down the line.


4. Give feedback:

Providing consistent feedback is an essential way for partners to build trust and keep communication lines open. VyaPay’s always-on, always-connected online presence, 24 x 7 support and real-time reporting drive excellent communications while fostering trust between partners and their teams.


Feedback extends beyond transaction reporting to include an array of business insights and rich customer data from advanced data analytics. This data can be used to personalize customer relationships and loyalty beyond simple payment transactions.



5. Accept feedback:

Feedback at its best is a two-way street that engenders trust among partner companies and helps us become better partners. Honest feedback helps identify areas in need of improvement as well as potential opportunities.


Openness to partner feedback can drive continuous process improvement across your enterprise. As Rockwell Leadership says, even if you don’t ultimately use it, feedback can help you create community just by listening to it.



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VyaPay builds business relationships based on mutual respect and trust with all types and sizes of companies in the B2B community. With your industry-know and our payments industry experience, there is no limit to what we can achieve together. We’re excited to get to know you and fully understand your needs and business model.


As your trusted partner, we will work with you to cocreate tailored solutions that maximize efficiency, security and cost savings. These out-of-the-box solutions comprise a unique blend of operational service, bankcard expertise and leading-edge technology to accelerate each partner’s journey to an improved bottom line.


Real talk, real results and lots of fun along the way. That’s what you can expect when you partner with VyaPay.

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