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Earn more, sell more as a VyaPay partner

A digital commerce renaissance was well underway before the coronavirus pandemic disrupted Main Street America, forcing traditional businesses to pivot even more to digital and virtual payment methods. As a software provider, you’ve consistently played a key role in that shift by helping your channel partners optimize online, in-store and mobile customer channels.


As you look for ways to further enhance your platform, #paymentfacilitation would be a good place to start. Aside from the obvious benefit of enabling you keep more of your hard-earned processing revenue, the payfac model provides easy customer onboarding, transparency and tools to simplify payment processing, including real-time reporting and advanced data analytics.


Any #payfac option you choose will provide an immediate uplift in revenue, customer retention and control of your processing experience. You could decide to become a full-fledged payfac, assuming all risk and building a payments infrastructure to support card brand rules and regulatory requirements. Or you could choose a more customized, hybrid model that blends shared risk and managed services. As a one-stop shop that supports all payfac models, VyaPay is happy to share information and use cases to help you make an informed decision.


Purpose-built for growth


The benefits of becoming a payfac align well with your depth of industry knowledge, vertically-focused software and other benefits that you currently offer your partners. At VyaPay, we also bring deep industry knowledge and know-how to software design and deployment. Embedding our capabilities in your core application will make your customer experience even better.


If chargebacks have been a problem for you or any of your channel partners, you’ll appreciate our fully automated chargeback management system, VyaShield. Designed to reduce and eliminate chargebacks, VyaShield’s graphical reporting tools and real-time analysis will save you and your partners time and money by continuously monitoring payment flows, immediately identifying and responding to anomalies, inquiries and disputes.


VyaShield’s turnkey solution stops chargebacks in their tracks, using Visa’s VMPI (Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry). VyaShield also eliminates fraudulent transactions by using 3DS 2.0 to shift loss liability from you and your partners for select transaction types. VyaPay’s advanced tools, expanded API library and technology suite give you more control of chargebacks and payment processing while keeping your margins high and chargeback ratios low.


Personalization at scale


At VyaPay, we mirror your ability to deliver a personalized experience to your partners at scale. We have helped numerous vertical industries customize their payments experience by putting their processing revenue to work for them and their channel partners. As part of our extended payfac family, you can leverage our payments expertise to enhance your platform and improve customer engagement and profitability.


VyaPay recognizes that no two service providers in any given industry are completely alike. Each has a unique business model and brand story that deserves to be front and center of the customer experience. Our white label solutions will power your brand, consolidating all the commerce enablement tools you need to deliver a secure enjoyable customer experience.


VyaPay’s brandable payfac platform and PCI Level 1 gateway will make your ecommerce transactions, cross-border payments and shopping cart integrations agile, secure and seamless. Your mobile and digital apps will be easy to use and a download away. With our partnership, live, 24/7 support and service guarantee, you can confidently deploy simple solutions across physical and virtual stores and mobile channels.


In these challenging times, VyaPay and our ISV partners continually innovate to help business owners survive and thrive through the current pandemic and far into the future. Like you, we continually update and enhance our platform and services like automatic customer onboarding and instant funding. We’ve recently added split settlements, lower B2B customer interchange rates and shopping cart and accounting software integrations to our payment facilitation suite.


If you are currently outsourcing your payment card processing to a merchant acquirer, ISO or third-party provider, maybe it’s time to give yourself a raise by partnering with VyaPay.

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