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Know Your Partner

In B2B and B2C commerce, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) are essential risk management tools. These solutions help business owners leverage advanced technologies to identify all types of threats and manage the customer lifecycle. In addition, KYC and CDD strategies help business owners stay ahead of emerging threats, maintain security and regulatory compliance and forge closer ties with their customers.


By deploying leading edge KYC and CDD, business owners can reduce friction and streamline new account openings, customer service and payment flows. This vastly improves the customer experience while helping employees and partners differentiate between good customers and fraudsters. These benefits, combined with peace of mind and access to a comprehensive suite of services, are just a few reasons why large and small companies from numerous industries choose to partner with VyaPay.


Why not KYP?

With all the attention given to KYC and CDD, wouldn’t it make sense to take a similar approach to payment processing, by fully vetting your payments industry service provider? How well do you understand your processing agreement? How easily can you determine the true effective rates you are paying? If you can’t immediately answer these questions, don’t feel alone. The need for honest, transparent payment processing packages is widespread in the digital-first business community and imperative for a software provider that works with multiple channel partners.


How well do you know the partner you’ve chosen to process and settle your company’s payment revenue from multiple sources? At VyaPay, we’re an open book. As a software service provider, we understand what it takes to grow and scale a software business. Seamless integrations are great – we do them all day long – but we also know there’s more to the game. Success in the interoperable, API-driven business marketplace really comes down to trusted partnerships.


Delegate with confidence


As you research various options for credit card processing, it’s critical to fully understand a prospective service provider’s rate structure and payment card interchange fees, which are based on merchant category codes and individual transaction characteristics and may fluctuate. A good partner will provide transparent pricing, explain the nuances of credit card processing and help put procedures in place to ensure that you maintain consistently low fee structures over time.


VyaPay’s secure partner portal enables partners to view payment flows in real time across an enterprise. Our advanced automation technologies take away the grunt work of responding to chargebacks, which helps our partners focus on high-value business priorities. Our capable teams manage day-to-day routines, combining technology with human oversight to deliver leading edge security, compliance and customer satisfaction.


KYP with the best


At VyaPay, our focus is on making payment processing an integral part of your service and extension of your company’s brand. Our customized solutions address your unique business model and requirements. Our real-time sales data, robust online reporting tools, right-sized solutions and wholesale B2B processing will deliver big savings. With VyaPay, integrations are truly seamless; our embedded commerce will take your CRM and ERP systems to the next level.


If you’re not getting the most out of your current processing relationship or maybe just want a second opinion, maybe it’s time for a new kind of due diligence. Test drive our premier payfac solution with graphical reporting, real-time analytics and VyaShield, chargeback automation designed to reduce and eliminate chargebacks.


Transform your B2B experience by accepting in-store, Card Not Present payments and all major card brands, ACH, eChecks, 3D Secure, 3DSv2 and cross-border payment schemes. Contact VyaPay today for a no-obligation analysis of your current processing services.


Know your partner and get a great deal more than just a great deal, with VyaPay.

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