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Are you overpaying for merchant processing by using Authorize.Net?


Payment Facilitators can accept payments at a lower processing cost than legacy gateways such as while also benefitting from better functionality. VyaPay is a payment facilitator gateway. Safety is a high priority and the company is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider and on Visa’s Global Registry of Approved Service Providers.  VyaPay also offers complete processing which includes consultation, savings analysis, installation, and in-house support. 


Lower processing costs are due to reduced interchange fees made possible by working directly with the payment facilitator gateway and eliminating the cost of the gateway fees.  Legacy gateways such as have no control over processing costs because they do not provide merchant accounts to merchants. The only pricing under their control is the price of using their gateway. VyaPay is the Gateway AND Processor so all fees can be controlled by the platform and cost savings are guaranteed. 


VyaPay offers greater functionality and is user-friendly. Users are able to view real-time batches and detailed transaction information. Unlimited batch history is available for search and multiple credit cards can be securely saved for each customer in the VyaPay secure cloud.  This security feature protects the customer’s sensitive cardholder information which helps merchants with their PCI compliance.  The search function offers different search criteria including but not limited to the last four digits of a card, time period, dollar amount and customer name. The payment gateway can also issue credits and voids or immediately release funds when issuing refunds. Customizable reports can also be generated within the platform that allows the option to print, email, create a PDF or create an Excel document.


VyaPay accepts online payments and also extends its services to accepting payments in either an online store/eCommerce platform such as Woo Commerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento or an accounting/ERP system such as QuickBooks. These payments can be acquired via mobile app or on devices such as a POS device or terminal and desktop computer. 


All of the diverse functions offered also allow the user to process credit cards quicker because it works more efficiently. Unlike which requires users to log into the gateway to begin processing cards online before they can go back to their accounting software to then reconcile payments, VyaPay allows the user to accept credit card payments directly in accounting software. This is made possible by the integration of leading accounting and ERP programs including QuickBooks and more.  VyaPay uses a native integration to increase its efficiency so that back and forth between browser and accounting software is eliminated. VyaPay processes payments as a module inside QuickBooks software and will automatically create payment invoices and update the accounts receivable and general ledger. The automated payment processing eradicates double data entry, having to switch between programs and hours of reconciling payments. Another dynamic feature that increases efficiency is next-day funding on most transactions, which means that payments can be in your bank account the very next day.  For those merchants who need their funds immediately, VyaPay also has the ability to release funds upon request the same day.


The in-house support team provides one point of contact that can solve all processing issues. Users of normally have two points of contact which are the payment gateway and the processor. If a processing problem were to occur, both would need to be contacted to fix the issue. Since VyaPay streamlines the work of both the payment gateway and processor, the one contact support team is able to quickly solve the problem and save the customer time calling around for help. 


The data security measures are fully PCI compliant and protect cardholder data through tokenization and encryption. Sensitive information is stored in a cloud-based system so that merchants don’t have to worry about securing their private servers. Their sensitive information is stored off-site in secure servers. Fraud is also guarded against by the use of fraud prevention features. These features are built on a module stack so merchants can choose which modules they want to use out of a variety of options based on their security needs. Merchants are kept up to date on the latest fraud security as new fraud modules are always being added to the payment gateway by the in-house developers. Also, VyaPay offers a chargeback management service that alerts the user to a chargeback on their account and will help them through the process. 


While larger processors such as may be the first thought for service providers, consider VyaPay’s greater functionality and lower processing costs when deciding on a payment gateway. The in-house support team makes VyaPay a user-friendly platform where chargeback management and relationship managers are always available to assist you with your account. This all-in-one payment facilitator gateway gives merchants access to an efficient system that offers a larger range of functions at a lower cost. 


VyaPay is a secure PCI Level 1 payment facilitator gateway that businesses use to process a variety of electronic payments (e.g. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, ACH, eChecks, international payments, 3DS Secure, 3DSv2) online and in-person. To learn more, contact VyaPay at or call 1-833-4-VYAPAY.


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