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VyaPay and Shopify:Your ecommerce Dream Team

Setting up an ecommerce site can be complicated, even for experienced independent software vendors (ISVs). It may be tempting to skip to the fun of integrating your shopping cart, but it’s best not to put the cart before the horse.


You need the right kind of merchant account to accept ACH, credit and debit card payments online. How do you choose from all of the available options, fee structures and service providers? Here are a few tips to get you started:


Fee structures:

Ancillary fees create recurring revenue for the service provider and out-of-pocket expenses for you. Steer clear of processors that assess monthly or annual charges for compliance, installation, upgrades, maintenance and more.


Traditional processing model:

Traditional payment processing, designed for small and midsize merchants, tends to be generic and one-size-fits-all. Traditional underwriters have a banking mentality, which means they take longer to approve applicants, rejecting those that don’t fit the mold or placing them in expensive high-risk buckets.


Payfac processing model:

Payment facilitators (payfacs), unlike traditional processors, treat you more like a partner than customer. Payfacs adjust their solutions to fit your software, giving you more control of your customer experience. They also absorb risk and automate routine tasks, which makes the payfac model a smart alternative to traditional merchant service providers.



Businesses that process payments online must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Payment gateways simplify compliance and enhance security by keeping credit card data out of your scope. Look for gateways that are PCI compliant and listed on Visa’s Global Registry of Service Providers (http://www.visa.com/onthelist).



As an ISV, you’ve worked hard to create an integrated technology stack. An interconnected shopping cart, merchant account and payment gateway will help you create a seamless customer experience, from initial online browsing to checkout’s last mile.




Why VyaPay?


Integration is at the heart of the payfac experience, which is why so many ISVs are choosing to become payfacs or partner with one. As a leading payment facilitator of credit card processing and merchant services solutions for businesses of all sizes, VyaPay delivers everything you need to securely process payments online.


Why outsource payment processing to a traditional third-party provider, when you can directly embed it in your service offering? VyaPay will process on your behalf with total transparency, giving you the freedom, flexibility and transparency you need to grow and scale your business.


By combining all processing components and requirements, VyaPay gives you peace of mind and a single point of contact. This eliminates the need to call more than one help desk when problems or opportunities arise.



Why Shopify?


A well-designed ecommerce shopping cart is a thing of beauty, blending in with the shopping experience and subtly converting shoppers into buyers. Shopify has transformed the shopping cart into an art form, helping over a million merchants around the world run their businesses.


Shopify’s commitment to solving your hardest problems reflects their unique approach and point of differentiation in the crowded ecommerce marketplace. In fact, they are so confident in their ability to help you deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that they back it up with a service guarantee. You can try Shopify for 14 days, without even sharing your credit card information, just by agreeing to receive their emails.


Whether you are starting an online business, taking a brick-and-mortar business online or switching to Shopify from another ecommerce platform, Shopify will help bridge the shopping/checkout gap at any stage of your business lifecycle. Instead of redirecting shoppers to unfamiliar sites when they’re ready to buy, Shopify makes checkout an integral part of commerce, keeping customers interested and engaged.


Better together

Ready for the fun part? Combine Shopify’s ease and elegance with VyaPay’s strong capabilities and get everything you need to build your ecommerce site. As a VyaPay partner, you won’t have to hire an expert. You’ll have all the in-house expertise you need to create a customized shopping cart that’s an extension of your company and brand.


If you are one of the million businesses using Shopify and you’d like a simplified, streamlined payment processing experience, VyaPay is a phone call or click away. Simply call or email and we’ll send you our short form with three basic questions and approve you in minutes, not days.


VyaPay’s premier payfac solution combines seamless Shopify integration with convenience, security and data-driven decisioning. The company’s expanding technology suite includes graphical reporting tools, real-time analytics and VyaShield, a chargeback automation system that helps merchants recover more revenue by reducing and eliminating chargebacks.


VyaPay processes a range of in-store and Card Not Present electronic payments, including major card brands, ACH, eChecks, 3D Secure, 3DSv2 and cross-border payment schemes. The company partners with merchant acquirers, ERPs, CRMs, ISVs and VARs, saving them time and money and helping merchants of all sizes and industries transform the B2B experience.


Shopify is shopping carts transformed. VyaPay is payments transformed. Visit www.vyapaypayments.com or call 833-4-VYAPAY and get ready to transform the best of both worlds today. 

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