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VyaPay: Your PayFac to the Rescue

While many software companies focus their attention on getting through COVID-19 – and rightly so – managers can’t afford to ignore the future of their companies. Becoming a Payment Facilitator can help SaaS companies increase and diversify their revenue. 

As we point out, the outbreak has likely changed the long-term view of many companies. While software companies in particular have been ramping up their growth aggressively, the economic impact of the virus has shown the need to create a more sustainable future by maximizing the revenue available to you.

Fortunately, there is an opportunity to gain more revenue that is easily within the grasp of software providers by simply enabling payments through their platforms. The bulk of the processing fees attached to those transactions are going to someone – often to third parties. Now is the time to stop giving away your revenue!

By becoming Payment Facilitators and bringing the payments capability in-house, software companies can take advantage of an existing revenue stream that is already a fundamental component of the product, and the portfolio of customers the company has worked so hard to build and maintain.

As board members look to company management to define the company’s strategy for a more sustainable future, taking on payments is a key part of that strategy for the right software companies.

For more on the opportunity this creates and why a future shaped by the impact of the Coronavirus on consumer behavior makes now is the optimal time to take advantage of it.

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