Virtual Terminal

Digital commerce your way, no hardware or software needed

If you’ve been thinking about making the shift to digital commerce, VyaPay can get you up and running without integrating hardware or software. As a leading payment facilitator and multilayered payment platform, we help all types of companies level up their commerce acceptance in ways that fit their businesses. With customer satisfaction as our number one goal, we approach each relationship with an open mind and blank page, to fully understand our partners and their requirements. 

While embedded commerce is trending in multiple industries, it is just one of many approaches to implementing advanced payment methods. Another equally popular approach is creating a virtual terminal with the same look and feel as your countertop POS devices. A virtual terminal will expand your online presence, making you more visible to customers and partners around the world who can transact and engage with you online and on mobile devices. With a virtual terminal, you will maintain the highest levels of security and never worry about device obsolescence. And the best part is, you won’t have to integrate software or invest in purpose-built hardware to start accepting payments. 

Virtual terminals can be set up in minutes without much effort or training. Your staff will feel at home with their familiar interface, flexibility and ease of use. Service companies, call centers, and basically all businesses that process payments are finding it easy to brand and customize these advanced, always-on, always-connected digital payments solutions. 

Full spectrum payment processing

Your virtual terminal is ideally a seamless extension of your company. At VyaPay, we’ll help customize the look and feel of your payment platform to blend in with your website and  payment flows. Once activated, your platform will support all payment-related activities, from producing invoices with click to pay, to setting up recurring billing and payment reminders, to supporting all types of payments and currencies, all without using another software program.

The global gold rush to digital payments has placed undue pressure on businesses and industries around the world as they race to support all types of currencies as well as traditional and emerging payment methods. If you are feeling a sense of urgency about implementing or improving your digital commerce capabilities, beware of hastily investing in cumbersome systems that are time-consuming and costly to maintain. 

VyaPay is a trusted brand in the payments space, both for enterprises that use our solutions and our many shopping cart, ERP and accounting service providers that have successfully embedded our solutions into their technologies. No matter where you sit in the extended commerce value chain, we can help you find the right solutions for today and set a course for your company’s future. 

Futureproof payments acceptance

Businesses need to accept credit cards and digital payments in today’s fast-paced economy, and VyaPay can help you deliver a seamless customer experience. You’ll be able to offer clients faster, more convenient ways to pay with a robust payments platform that supports all payment, invoicing and settlement options. This platform will have continuous upgrades and security updates to protect, expand and futureproof your business.  

Your merchant portal will simplify payment management by providing a single-access view of all transaction activities across your enterprise. You’ll have advanced tools to process payments faster and manage billing and invoicing from a centralized hub. Here are some additional features and benefits:

•Get paid faster

•Accelerate cash flow

•Improve efficiencies 

•Drive process improvement

•Empower customers and partners

Discover the VyaPay difference

At VyaPay, we understand that processing transactions securely, quickly, and reliably is essential to your success. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to always provide the best payment solution for your business – one that creates immediate value, is easy to implement, and is capable of handling future growth. 

Contact VyaPay today and discover how you can get into digital commerce without a heavy integration or upfront investment.